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Encapsulating Performance in Clear

Diamond is a completely unisex Woody-Amber Fragrance.

This is a powerhouse performance enhancer and layering fragrance. With its versatile nature, Diamond can also be worn as a standalone fragrance, making it a must-have in any collection.

Almonds, Jasmine, Terpineol Alpha, Melonal, Hedione, Iso E Super, Ambroxan, Timbersilk, Sylvamber, Ambrett Seed, Cedar, Amberwood, Sandalwood and Musk

Diamond is like Jet Fuel for your layering combo. Use it as a base layer or spray it on as a top layer for different results.

Diamond works by using excitatory materials that push off your skin and create projection. Materials that linger in the air and produce Sillage and materials that latch onto your skin and foster longevity.

Diamond is the epitome of performance and clarity, providing a remarkable fragrance experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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