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Topaz/Citron Hybrid
More than the sum of its parts in Yellow

Zircon is a unisex, Woody, Citrus fragrance

Coconut, Blood Orange, lime
Juniper berries, Heliotrope, Sea Salt

Sugar Cane, Almond
Jasmine, Nutmeg, Osmanthus

Rum, Ambergris Accord
Tonka Accord, Beachwood, Vanilla

Significant alterations were made to both the formulas of Citron and Topaz to bring Zircon to life. A mesmerizing fragrance that combines the best of Citron and Topaz to create an unforgettable olfactory experience.

The top notes of Coconut, Blood Orange, and lime awaken your senses with their zesty and refreshing burst, while the delicate nuances of Juniper berries, Heliotrope, and Sea Salt add a touch of sophistication.

As the fragrance settles, the heart notes of Sugar Cane, Almond, Jasmine, Nutmeg, and Osmanthus create a harmonious fusion of sweetness and spice, enveloping you in a warm and alluring embrace.

Finally, the base notes of Rum, Ambergris Accord, Tonka Accord, Beachwood, and Vanilla leave a lingering trail of sensuality, evoking the essence of a tropical sunset.

Embrace the enchantment of Zircon and let its luxurious aroma transport you to an exotic paradise.

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